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As our business grows, so do the demands and needs of our customers. With the emerging mobile technology and availability of coupons and other tools, we equipped our online store to be useful as well as resourceful BuyTiresWholesale.com is committed to bringing you the best available tires and the best price in the most convenient way possible.

Please browse our tires and wheels as well as our network of local shops. within these web pages you will find great deals and helpful information. We’re also adding new things all the time, from new networked businesses to more inventory at rock-bottom prices. Keep checking back for deals and sign up on our newsletter to stay informed of cool new things added. BuyTiresWholesale.com is here for you.

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BuyTireswholesale.com is your one-stop shop for wheels and tires. We have the best deals on tires period! Search our catalog and order your tires today!

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Like our tires, we also have some of the most beautiful wheels at rock-bottom pricing. Check out our inventory and dress up your vehicle with our wheels today!

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We have teamed up with local shops in your area to get you the savings you’ve been looking for. Check out our network and download coupons for your next auto or tune-up visit.

Results Driven

We constantly search out the best deals on wheels and tires for you. Order online and save. We can ship it to you or your auto-shop of preference.

Proven Technology

Always evolving, our online store is adding more and more inventory every day. Use our friendly site and order within 3 clicks. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Proven Network

Our relationships are what brings you the most value. We have aligned ourselves with an always increasing network of auto-shops across Arizona!

Top Performance

Our tires come with top of the line manufacturer warranties to safeguard the life of your tire and give you peace of mind.

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